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The Tyrolia Attack 14 ski bindings are another model from Tyrolia's Attack series, known for their performance-oriented features and durability. Here's some information about the Tyrolia Attack 14 ski bindings:

1. **DIN Range:** Similar to the Attack 11, the Tyrolia Attack 14 bindings offer a higher DIN range, typically around 4-14. This makes them suitable for more advanced and aggressive skiers who may be skiing at higher speeds or on more challenging terrain.

2. **Compatibility:** Like the Attack 11, the Attack 14 bindings are designed for both Alpine (downhill) ski boots and Alpine Touring (AT) ski boots, making them versatile for different skiing styles.

3. **Toe and Heel Pieces:** The Tyrolia Attack 14 bindings feature a robust toe piece and heel piece, similar to the Attack 11. These components provide efficient power transmission and retention while allowing for some elasticity to reduce the risk of pre-release.

4. **Power Width Design:** The Power Width Design in the Attack 14 bindings also ensures effective energy transmission from the boot to the ski, enhancing control and precision during aggressive skiing.

5. **Sole Compatibility:** Just like with the Attack 11, the Attack 14 bindings are compatible with both traditional Alpine (ISO 5355) and Alpine Touring (ISO 9523) boot soles.

6. **Brake Width Options:** The bindings come with a range of brake width options to accommodate different ski widths, ensuring that the brakes fit snugly against the ski.

7. **Adjustability:** The Tyrolia Attack 14 bindings offer some adjustability for boot size and fit. However, as always, it's recommended to have these adjustments made by a certified ski technician to ensure they are done correctly.

8. **Performance Focus:** The Attack 14 model is targeted at more aggressive skiers who demand higher performance from their bindings. The higher DIN range, sturdy construction, and power transmission capabilities make them suitable for experienced skiers tackling a variety of conditions.

9. **Durability:** Tyrolia is known for producing bindings that can withstand the demands of challenging terrain and skiing styles. The Attack 14 bindings are designed to be durable and reliable in various conditions.