Ride Helix Mens Snowboard, (18-19)

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DNA has two primary functions, storing genetic information and transmitting genetic information, both of which are made possible by its double helix structure. The snowboard also has two primary functions, turning toeside and turning heelside, and the shape of the snowboard is what makes this possible. The Asymmetrical Twin Hybrid Camber on the Helix snowboard is an anatomically correct board shape that provides more leverage over your heelside edge, which improves heelside turn initiation and control. The double-stranded structure of DNA also provides stability, much in the same way that the traditional camber on The Helix provides that stable, controlled feel. Carbon Slimerods® 2.0 are layers of carbon fiber and urethane included to damp vibration and enhance board response and pop. The Helix is a mid-flexing freestyle twin with an asymmetrical shape for a more scientific approach to turning and it’s designed to give you the consistent snap and aggressive feel of camber.